John Dunbar

General Manager of Pa Sak Tong

Sarastro Pa Sak Tong Co. Ltd. has appointed Mr. John Dunbar to be the General Manager of Pa Sak Tong. Mr. Dunbar, formerly with Trisara Resort in Phuket, comes with a variety of experience in the hospitality industry. He is well versed in giving the highest standard of customer service and guest satisfaction.

Mr. Dunbar originally moved to Thailand seven years ago and based himself in Chiang Rai. He has an extensive knowledge of the community and its surrounding area. He feels that Chiang Rai is the true jewel of Thailand for it offers a real look at the gentle people of Northern Thailand and the amazing scenery found in this region. “Chiang Rai is a melting pot of cultures that include many Hill Tribes, Northern Thais, Thai Yai, and Chinese. The people of the North are kind, helpful and offer us an opportunity to interact and learn more about Thai culture” said Mr. Dunbar.